Best Dyson vacuum cleaners tested

Ranking is based on the function, design, price including various tests of vacuum cleaners.

    Generally, on Dyson vacuum cleaners

    Do you want a vacuum cleaner with an atypical design that really stands out? Then a Dyson vacuum cleaner might be something for you. Dyson vacuum cleaners come in unique designs that are entirely their own and at the same time handles cleaning in the best way possible. Dyson has good engines that gives you good cleaning results on all surfaces.

    Dyson vacuum cleaners have different functions and it is up to you to choose what you value the most when choosing your next vacuum cleaner. With a Dyson product you can expect quality and you will fast and easy get a clean and nice home again.

    Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner – first on the market

    “In 1978 James Dyson became frustrated that his vacuum cleaner sucked less and less. When he disassembled it, he found out, that the bag was filled with dust, so that the vacuum cleaner lost suction power. He had recently developed an industrial cyclone tower, that removed paint particles from the air using centrifugal force, in the factory where he worked. But would the same idea work in a vacuum cleaner?”

    He got started. Five years and 5.127 prototypes later he had invented the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner. If you are tired of changing the vacuum cleaner bag and having a big traditional vacuum cleaner in the house, you could benefit from considering the Dyson vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have a vacuum cleaner bag. Today, Dyson specializes in the production of bagless vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners.

    Today, Dyson sells products in over 60 countries. Dyson has grown from one man with an idea to a worldwide tech company with over 1.000 engineers hired along with thousands of others. Today the company is very focused on further developing the business with more ideas and inventions. Many of Dysons employees are located in England, Singapore and Malaysia and the constantly work to invest and improve Dyson products.

    Dyson cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner are delivered in high quality and they have several smart benefits. For example, the cordless vacuum cleaners can be put in a closet and they take up less space in the otherwise cramped closet.

    Dyson vacuum cleaners gain more and more of the markets shares around Europe thanks to the modern technology of the bagless vacuum cleaners without filter that still lives up the latest high demands from the EU. We recommend that you read about the product thoroughly before you purchase it and thus get a good idea of what the Dyson can do.

    Different types of Dyson vacuum cleaners

    2-in-1 vacuum cleaners from Dyson: Are you tired of carrying the big old vacuum cleaner out of the closet when you are about to vacuum? With a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner from Dyson you have the opportunity to take a light and elegant pole vacuum cleaner out of the charger and quickly clean without an annoying cord.

    Pole vacuum cleaners are really manageable to take out quickly and you can even click the little handheld vacuum out of the pole and quickly vacuum crumbs from the table or a little dust in the windowsill. The two vacuum cleaners are incredibly smart, and cleaning suddenly becomes a lot easier.

    The robot vacuum cleaner: If you are also tired of vacuuming every week and always feel pressured to do so before having guests over the robot vacuum cleaner might be something for you. With a robot vacuum cleaner, the cleaning is done easily, and you set the time for when you want the robot to start. You can have the robot vacuum cleaner to vacuum your house while you are not at home. The only thing you have to think off is when you want a clean home and also empty the removable canister.

    Robot vacuum cleaners don’t use expensive vacuum cleaners, so there are no additional expenses as soon as you have invested in this smart little technology. After the robot vacuum cleaner has taken care of the cleaning it automatically goes back to its charging station getting ready for the next round of cleaning.

    The regular vacuum cleaner: Dyson also has regular vacuum cleaners in their assortment, and these have their own amazing look. Design is something Dyson cares about and they make their own vacuum cleaners from scratch. You’ll never mistake a Dyson vacuum cleaner for another, and it is always nice to have things that stand out. A regular vacuum cleaner from Dyson will help you get a nice and clean home and it is easily done.

    Vacuum cleaners can easily be manoeuvred around the house and at the same time they can be height adjusted with their telescopic tube, so you’ll avoid back problems when you clean. Suction is one of the most important things about a good vacuum cleaner and you can count on the Dyson vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dirt and dust you meet as you clean.

    If you are looking for a certain type of vacuum cleaner, you can find them in the menu on the right side. If you want the most value for your money, you can see the most popular and best vacuum cleaners tested here.

    Dyson vacuum cleaner test – Test sources

    Dyson has gradually become a particularly well-known brand when it comes to vacuum cleaners. By the same reason their vacuum cleaners are also included in a series of vacuum cleaner tests.

    A vacuum cleaner test will often take a look at how the suction of a vacuum cleaners, how the energy consumption is and how the individual mouth pieces work in different types of floor. In a big vacuum cleaner test done by a Danish consumer service, Dyson is well represented.

    You can read the whole test of vacuum cleaners her.

    Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner test

    Dyson V8 Absolute is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners from Dyson. This model has been tested in a bunch of vacuum cleaner tests, where all its specification, functionalities and user friendliness have been thoroughly tested.

    Dyson V8 Absolute gets a 96/100 in the great vacuum cleaner test at – read all about the Dyson V8 Absolute here. has also done a big vacuum cleaner test where Dyson V8 has been featured. Here the model is rated as the best vacuum cleaner in the test with a score of 89/100. Read the vacuum cleaner test at her. has also tested vacuum cleaners, and here it is also top graded – 5/5 stars. The conclusion is that the vacuum cleaner is a very powerful and flexible cordless vacuum cleaner, that does very well. The biggest downside to the vacuum cleaners is the price. Read about it here. has also tested the Dyson V8 Absolute and here the grade isn’t any different. The model gets a lot of positive feedback and an overall grade of 5/5 stars. Read the test from här.

    Dyson vacuum cleaners – the original bagless vacuum cleaner

    The Dyson vacuum cleaner is the original bagless vacuum cleaner, that has been in production since 1983 in England. The vacuum cleaner is known for several things. It is the only vacuum cleaner in the world that has no filter at all – and it uses a remarkable technology that can suck even the smallest particles from the floor.

    Back in 1978 an engineer had an idea. His name was James Dyson. He was so tired of his vacuum cleaner was sucking worse with time as the bag was getting filled and dirt and dust clogged the filters. Suction was significantly worsened. Five years of innovation and development work including over 5.000 prototypes later, and he had the final model – a bagless vacuum cleaner that didn’t lose suction over time.

    Is this Dyson vacuum cleaner worth the money?

    Dyson vacuum cleaners gains more and more of the markets shares in Europe and thanks to the modern technology of the bagless vacuum cleaner without filter, but still lives up to the high demands of the EU. The majority of Dyson vacuum cleaners we have tested are certainly worth the money. We recommend that you click on some of the vacuum cleaners on this site and get an idea of what a Dyson vacuum cleaner is and what it can do.