Best cheap vacuum cleaner for under 100£

The ranking is based on the functionality, design, price and variable tests of vacuum cleaners.

    Are you considering a cheap vacuum cleaner?

    On this site, you can filter without issues all the vacuum cleaners you can get for a cheap price – For example under 100£. It is obviously not all models with all top scores because of the price. But when said, there are several of them who are doing great overall and gives you a lot of value for money.

    You might be lucky to find a cheap vacuum cleaner, that is suitable for exactly your needs, right here on this site. The best model is even a price winner, which gives you a great combination of functionality and design for a manageable price.

    What am I missing with a cheap vacuum cleaner?

    Often you will miss a lot of features regarding functionality like auto-switch, lighting inside the model, etc. Another thing you’ll miss is for example that the vacuum cleaner won’t have a lot of extra accessories, but this is very different from model to model.

    It should be noted that even though a vacuum cleaner under the the category of “cheap” isn’t equivalent of “bad”. For example, you could benefit from looking at those cheap vacuum cleaners that are best rated, that will typically be a good value-for-money purchase.

    We always recommend that you click on the model and read more about it before a possible purchase. In this way, you can be certain that you will know everything about the concerned model, and don’t get any uncomfortable surprises, when you receive the vacuum cleaner.

    Regular vacuum cleaners

    There are lots of cheap, regular vacuum cleaners on the market. We’ve taken a look at them, so you can find one for under 100£ on the British market.

    Morphy Richards 720020

    At some retailers, you might be able to find this at under 50£. For a cordless vacuum cleaner with a water tank, this is one of the best solutions out there pricewise. With a water tank the volume doesn’t even exceed half a litre. Which means it’s fast, light, manoeuvrable and very clean. But it requires 1500W, so it doesn’t fit the EU-regulations anymore.

    – Volume: 0,4 L

    Beko VCM7180

    This vacuum cleaner is excellent if you are sensitive to noise. Vacuum cleaner can make a lot of noise and this can be annoying to some people. But with a noise output of a little under 70 dB, this is one of the least noisy models on the market. Worth a consideration if you want a silent home.

    – Noise level: 69 dB
    – Volume: 3.0 L
    – Weight: 5.9 kg

    Dyson V8 Absolute Pro

    Dyson is one of the most well-known brands on the market, and they are famous for their cordless vacuum cleaners. This one is light, just 2.6 kilograms and it will have a battery time of 40 minutes. This means you can clean all over the house in one charge, just remember to put it in the charger when finished.

    – Battery time: 40 min
    – Charging time: 300 min
    – Volume: 0.5 L
    – Weight: 2.6 kg

    Kärcher WD2

    This vacuum cleaner is perfect for professional usage like an office or other facilities. With a bag volume of 12 litres it can carry a lot of dirt and dust around. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for your office, this might be the one.

    – Volume: 12 L
    – Cord length: 4 m
    – Weight: 4.6 kg

    Hoover TH31BO02

    This vacuum cleaner is neither light weight nor silent, but it will get the job done. Coming in at 6.4 kilogram with a noise level of 80 dB it isn’t an easy one to carry around. But if you need to vacuum heavier elements like glass, dirt or the like, then this will do the job to perfection.

    – 80 dB
    – Cord length: 7 m
    – Weight: 6.4 kg

    Dyson V8 Motorhead

    As mentioned, Dyson are famous for their cordless vacuum cleaner that run on battery power. This one charges quicker than the others on the market and will have a fully charged battery in just 3.5 hours. It still has a battery time of 40 minutes so remember to put it in the charger when finished vacuuming.

    – Battery time: 40 min
    – Charging time: 210 min
    – Weight: 4.3 kg

    Bissell Featherweight 2024E

    The name isn’t taken out of the blue. Weighing only 2 kilograms, this machine is one of the lightest vacuum cleaners out there. Compared to the heavier vacuum cleaners out there, this will not only lighten your cleaning, but also your mood. You will be able to handle vacuuming with an ease you haven’t felt before.

    It’s basically a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner which means, you can detach a handheld vacuum cleaner from the bigger body and vacuum your furniture more thoroughly than you would have with a regular vacuum cleaner.

    – Noise level: 78 dB
    – Volume: 0.5 L
    – Weight: 2.0 kg

    Vax Air Stretch U85-AS-BE

    This vacuum cleaner is not only a 2-in-1, it also has a cleaning range of 17 meters. This means that the dust around your house just isn’t safe anymore. You can reach almost all corners of your apartment or house with this vacuum cleaner. The cord length makes it perfect for larger living rooms and such.

    – Cord length: 13 m
    – Volume: 1.5 L
    – Weight: 4.9 kg

    Numatic Henry HVR200

    This vacuum cleaner is a bit of a hipster’s choice when it comes to vacuum cleaners. First, it looks rather different, weighs a lot more and has a solid range. But most important of all, it has a dust capacity of a whole 9.0 litres which makes it one of the most voluminous vacuum cleaners on the market. Look for yourself, if you’re curious.

    – Noise level: 72 dB
    – Volume: 9.0 L
    – Cord length: 10 m
    – Weight: 8.1 kg