Best Bosch vacuum cleaners tested

Ranking is based on the function, design, price including various tests of vacuum cleaners.

    Generally on vacuum cleaners from Bosch

    If you are on the hunt for at new vacuum cleaner then Bosch might be a really good call. Bosch has produced vacuum cleaners for generations and has had the goal of creating products that make life easier. They do that by making simple but at the same time smart products are more durable than many others.

    Today, German company Bosch is one of the most recognizable and not least biggest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. Bosch has a fair market share on the British market, but is big all over Europe.

    Bosch is especially known for having high-end quality when it comes to vacuum cleaners that typically last many years. The models are made with regards to handling many years of vacuuming, while simultaneously being smart. Many of their models thus have smart functions, like automatic cable reel, parking function and so forth.

    Why choose a vacuum cleaner from Bosch?

    Are you looking for a new vacuum cleaner, Bosch might be the right choice. If you value top quality, the majority of vacuum cleaners from Bosch are produced in a very high standard that lasts for several years.

    All new vacuum cleaners from Bosch fulfill the EU-regulations from 2014 that says that a vacuum cleaner must have a maximum motor power of 1600 watts. This limit was further diminished to 900 watts from September 2017, why Bosch has now introduced new vacuum cleaners with even more energy-friendly engines that has greater suction. An example of this is their series In’genius ProSilence.

    You can get Bosch vacuum cleaners in different models and variations, from vacuums cleaners for dog hairs and cordless vacuum cleaners that can be put away in even the smallest closet. Above you can read about the best products fra Bosch while finding the best price on the market.

    Bosch is a German company known for making products of really good quality. Bosch vacuum cleaners are overall regarded as really good for covering all your needs. If you have blankets, pets or parquet floor, a Bosch vacuum cleaner will handle those challenges. Bosch vacuums cleaners have flexible mouth pieces that make it easier to get around in all the nooks and crannies of the house. Additionally, vacuum cleaners are generally incredibly energy friendly and most of them come with a suitably low noise level.

    Best Bosch vacuum cleaner tested

    As you may have noticed some place on this page, there are several of the chosen Bosch vacuum cleaners that are named best in test. This is caused by the fact that Bosch vacuum cleaners can compete among the absolute best vacuum cleaners on the market.

    Many of the vacuum cleaners that Bosch produces are tested by the large consumer organizations.

    This means that many of the Bosch vacuum cleaners have been tested by recognized magazines and newspapers. For example, the Bosch BCH732KTGB is reviewed in Goodhousekeeping to a score of 96/100, which is pretty good for a cordless vacuum cleaner. Here, it was highlighted how it works equally well on hard surfaces as well as soft ones. And don’t worry about pet hairs either; this Bosch can handle it all.

    Speaking of cordless editions, their vacuum cleaner Bosch BGL5335 has managed a top position in tests done by The Telegraph. Here, it is lauded for its design, which is both timeless and cool. The powerful suction is likewise appreciated combined with the ability to switch batteries, which means you can charge one battery while vacuuming with the other. It is a clever solution for cordless vacuum cleaners that run on battery power. Many Bosch vacuum cleaners manage really well in test because the combination of quality and price is just right.

    Different types of Bosch vacuum cleaners

    Regular Bosch vacuum cleaners: Regular Bosch vacuum cleaners are fitted with a telescopic tube that can be adjusted to your height. This means that you will not get back problems when you are going around the house with the vacuum cleaner. Mouth pieces are flexible and can typically handle everything from pet hair, hard surfaces to rugs. The vacuum cleaners come with matching bags, which is important for all the dirt and dust to fill the bag correctly.

    The bags can basically be bought in your usual vacuum cleaner store. It is important here, that you will keep an eye out for bag that suit your exactly model. All in all the normal vacuum cleaners from Bosch user-friendly and have good suction so that all the dirt in your home is quickly gone and thereby get a cleaner and nicer home.

    Cordless vacuum cleaners from Bosch: A newer initiative in the Bosch series is the cordless vacuum cleaners that really have become a popular choice amongst consumers. Bosch cordless vacuum cleaners suck with an incredibly good power and you can without problem get around all over the house in a single charge.

    The mouth pieces are typically incredibly flexible and make it easy to vacuum all the places that are normally hard to reach. Another benefit with a cordless vacuum cleaner is that you are not limited at any time and do not have to worry about moving the cord from power outlet to power outlet.

    All the time you can move around exactly where you want to and that is just a lovely freedom to have when dancing around with the vacuum cleaner.

    Bagless vacuum cleaner from Bosch: Bagless vacuum cleaners are a brilliant invention and will in the long run save you a lot of money in vacuum cleaner bags. The bagless vacuum cleaner comes with small and bigger containers for collecting all the dirt you vacuum. Thus you can always empty the container after you have vacuumed and the vacuum cleaner is ready for you to use again. The containers can come in different sizes, from 0.3 to 0.9 liters.

    A benefit with a container instead of a bag is that if you vacuum a LEGO block or a piece of jewelry, you can easily access it by taking out the container and finding it again. The container can be cleaned so that there is no dirt and filth that will eventually smell. The bagless vacuum cleaner is the future and is a brilliant invention.

    Vacuum cleaners for pets: More and more homes have pets. Animals are our best friends and it brings life and incredible joy in a home every single day. But where there are pros, there are cons as well. Animals shed hair and every pet owner will recognize the pain. Animal hair gets everywhere and there is plenty where it came from.

    That is why a vacuum cleaner designed for collecting these hairs fast and efficiently, is a smart solution. The mouth pieces from Bosch are fast as lightning when it comes to collecting animal hairs and they leave nothing behind. That is why you with good reason can invest in a Bosch vacuum cleaner for animal hair and get a clean and tidy home, even with pets running around.

    A Bosch vacuum cleaner equals good German quality

    With their slogan invented for life, Bosch has produced some quality vacuum cleaners in Germany since 1929. The founder of the company was Robert Bosch and his goal from the beginning was to make products that could be used in everyday life and make it a lot easier. Today Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and has a solid place in the top 10 of the British market.

    Bosch has always had quality in mind and it reflects in their vacuum cleaners. Further down we will go through some of Bosch’s regular vacuum cleaner-series and in that regard tell what separates them and what pros and cons they have.

    What do you get when you buy a Bosch vacuum cleaner?

    As mentioned above, Bosch has made vacuum cleaners for more than 75 years and in that regard they have acquired unique knowledge of the market for vacuum cleaners, in what the consumer wants and what tendencies are present on the British market.

    The cheapest vacuum cleaners from Bosch can be purchased from around 50£ for a simple handheld vacuum cleaner while the most expensive easily costs 10 times as much. It might seem like a lot of money but in return you will get a vacuum cleaner that will last for many years and makes your home clean and tidy for years to come.

    All new Bosch vacuum cleaners live up to EU-regulations from 2014 that dictates a vacuum cleaner must have a maximum power output of 1.600 watts. This limit was further diminished to 900 watts in September 2017. This is why Bosch already now is introducing new even more energy-friendly engines with even greater suction ability in their new vacuum cleaners so they will meet the new demands. An example of this is their new series In’genius ProSilence.

    Bosch In’genius ProSilence vacuum cleaners – The lowest noise levels in the market

    As part of the new EU-regulations, Bosch are securing themselves for the future by producing some new efficient vacuum cleaners with a limited power output, because it will lower energy consumption and lessen the effect on the environment. Going forward all vacuum cleaners must be under 900 watts for maximum power output.

    The latest news in vacuum cleaners is that Bosch has launched the In’genius ProSilence BGL85S330 with a power output of only 650 watt which makes it class A in energy efficiency according to the EU-standard.

    Another trademark in this series is the unusually low noise level they have. The vacuum cleaners in this category have a noise level below 60 dB, which is lower than a normal conversation between two people. In other words, you can vacuum your apartment or house whilst having a conversation – it is far from every vacuum cleaner you can do that with.

    Bosch Zoo’o ProAnimal vacuum cleaners – for the animals at home

    Bosch Zoo’o ProAnimal is an ideal series of vacuum cleaners for the pets at home because Bosch has designed and developed the series specifically for the purpose of collecting animal hairs as efficiently as possible. Compared to a normal vacuum cleaner, all Bosch Zoo’o ProAnimal can remov animal hair up to 30% faster.